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Welcome to our page!

Were so glad you found our page! We hope to keep this blog updated with what's happening in our lives as well as keep all of our friends and family informed with our adoption! Everyone now knows our plan to hopefully add another sweet little one to our family and we have been overwhelmed with the positive support. We cannot possibly thank everyone enough for the out pouring of love and support they have given us. Before we adopted Aria our family and friends rallied behind us in creating "Waiting for you" signs. These are proudly displayed in Aria's scrapbook. We would love to create something like this for baby McGrath as well. I will post more details at a later time on where to send your photos! We look forward to seeing all of them! We would also appreciate if when you see our posts on social media you could share it! The power of sharing on social media is great and you never know what could happen or who will see it.

We are just days away from our home study being completed which means we are fully able to adopt. For this adoption we choose not to work with an agency. We attempting to self match and adopt privately. As some of you may remember the agency we were with went bankrupt and shut their doors with out any notice so we are of course a little jaded on using an agency again. Though we were with an agency Aria's adoption was done privately. Adoption is not easy, its messy, exciting, heartbreaking and yet the most amazing thing we've ever been given the opportunity to take on. I said after Aria was placed with us I'd wait that painfully long wait 10x over again for her. This lets me know that each second and each day and maybe each year that we have to wait that it is more than worth it at the end. The patience it has taught us has made us a stronger couple and now that we have Aria she will learn the patience we had to learn and it in turn will make her a stronger person. Thats totally not to say that she isn't already growing anxious over the wait, which hasn't even been a wait yet. She checks the mail daily in hopes there's news of a baby in it. I'm not really sure who told her a baby will come through the mailbox but I like her enthusiasm!

She has plans. She has grand plans of letting her new sibling sleep in her room and she's even told me she plans on waking up to feed them! What an amazing big sister she is going to be. Of course baby will have her or his own room and will likely spend some time in our room before moving to their own. She helped create a registry of everything we need to get for her new sibling and was so proud to tell everyone all about it. She has even picked out a special little toy to give the baby when she first meets them. Right now she's having fun putting her baby dolls in some of the baby gear we have. It's so sweet to see how kind and caring she is going to be towards her new sister or brother.

We are so excited to see what the future holds for our family. In the mean time we are praying hard for our future little ones sweet birth mama. We dream of meeting and talking to you soon!

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