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Our little family

We are the McGraths, John, Tarah and Aria from Holly Springs North Carolina. We're located just outside of Raleigh. We adopted Aria and have an open adoption with her birth mama and family. 


A little bit about our family. Tarah is originally from Boston Massachusetts. Before becoming a mom she owned a small photography business. Now she's a stay at home mom but she started a small jewelry company. Aria is the drive of the business. She loves helping design new pieces! She has even made a few of her own!  

John grew up in Raleigh but played hockey in Boston which is where we met. He owns a successful exterior building maintenance company. He loves that he is able to have the freedom to have plenty of family time! He still plays  hockey once a week and also loves playing golf. Aria and I will head to the course with him when he goes!

Aria is five years old and is starting kindergarten this year! Which will give a new baby plenty of attention! Aria is currently a huge fan of Barbies and LoL dolls. She also loves cheerleading. She has asked for the last 2.5 years (yes literally half her life!) to cheer before she reached the age they allowed her to! She takes a dance class as well! She is so excited to have a sister or brother! She has big plans for the adventures they will have. 

Our family is easy-going we love dancing and singing all around the house. We have sit down dinners together nightly. We love escaping to the beach its one of Arias favorite places to be! When we can't get to the beach we love getting to go to one of our neighborhood pools. Aria has been in swimming lessons most of her life it was very important for us to make sure she knew what to do when she was in the water. We have three dogs (Tucker, Sadie & Eloise) who are amazing with kids! One of them sleeps in Aria's room every night. We play most of the day Aria is a very hands on learner so we get to do a lot of fun crafts and games! 

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